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Top 5 Best Forex Trading Strategy

top forex strategies

Are you still looking for the best forex trading strategy? Well, the trading strategy is somewhat difficult if you are not well-informed about what forex trading is. Forex is the abbreviation of foreign exchange. The foreign exchange market is the place where the currencies are typically traded. Whether people realize it or not, currencies are important for people around the globe because currencies extremely need to be exchanged to conduct foreign business and trade. The foreign exchange need is the main reason why forex market is the hugest. There is no foreign exchange central marketplace for forex somehow. The currencies are traded electronically which means that the all forex transactions are done using computer networks. Here are some strategies to help you improve your trading skills. 

Plan how you will trade 

Planning a trade is fundamental for forex market. If you do not plan it well, you are possible to fail. Be careful in choosing plan for your trade. Here are some tips to determine plans for forex market. 

  • Choose the right currency pairs Sometimes several currency pairs are unstable and shift a lot intra-day. Based on your parameter of risks, you should decide which currency pairs fit best on your strategy of trading. 
  • Decide how long you plan to keep stay in a certain position According to your selection of currency pairs, you should also plan about how long you plan to stay in the position whether in hours, minutes or even day. Just remember that according to the type of your account opening your position at 5 pm Eastern Time may acquire turn over changes. 
  • Set up your target for the position Before taking position, you should set up the exit strategy. What rate will you cash out if the position is a winner? And what rate will you cut your losses if the position is a loser? Place your limit and stops consequently. 

Follow the forex market 

To monitor the market information, you should use forex news and forex chart to know your positions. The forex chart is used to improve your trading returns. On a charting package you can effortlessly recoup the money based on the professional chart analysis. Just remember that the forex trading generally involves loss high risk, and there is no guarantee that will make the investment will be recovered. By following forex news, you will be able to know about the political events and economic reports that possibly affect the currency market. 

Keep a Forex diary 

A forex diary can help by keeping the tracks. A well-kept diary can help you to trade in the trading market consistently. The forex diary will determine the forex trading track record that will be useful to establish your forex trading as well. 

Technical analysis 

To forecast the future currency, technical analysis generally uses charts by learning past market movement. By using this technique, you will be able to monitor the multiple currencies by evaluating how others’ way of trading currency. 

Using support and resistance 

Perhaps, the most effective strategy of forex trading uses support and resistance. The support is currency pair lowest boundary that has trouble in breaching. On the other hand, resistance is the upper boundary where the currency pair has trouble in penetrating. Those 5 best forex trading strategy will guide you into a good forex trader that will make your forex trade being beneficial.

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